Are you angry? - Control your anger

Anger is a primary thing, which makes people cross the limits and do what they are not supposed to. Normally, when we feel strong displeasure in something, we get angry, our heart rate and blood pressure increases. There are many reasons which make us become angry, it could be something we have to do that we hate most and there is no other option, it could be an action of another person, an event, work overload, feeling of jealousy or it can be a personal problem that can contribute to anger.

We express our anger in different ways; the natural way to express anger is through aggression. People get frustrated and start shouting which is also a way to express anger. Some people can control their anger, but for some people it is nearly impossible to bare it for more time. But your anger should not take you over and you should not allow it to turn into rage that cause you harm others or yourself physically. People often punch on wall or glass without even thinking that it might hurt them and break their own hand which could be dangerous. Sometimes people punch others and start fighting which can lead to something that is not right for any of them. If you are getting angry and cannot control your anger, you should be really very careful.

Anger could be really dangerous for those people who do not express their anger and have habit to hold it in. This can cause hypertension, high blood pressure and even depression in those people. Not expressing anger is not confined to only that, but it can change behavior of the person who has a habit to suppress his/her habit. People, who do not express their anger, sometimes try to compensate the same at other places, for example if a person cannot express his/her anger in his/her company against a senior, he/she might express it at home. This can cause tension in his/her personal life and his/her relations with other people may get destroyed. Suppressed anger also causes people loose their sanity, a person who is really angry with someone's behavior may sometimes plan to hurt that person and give him/her a tit-for-tat kind of treatment.

People who get angry should not try to suppress their anger or should not show their anger openly, instead, they should try to control their anger. If the person who is angry could control himself/herself for a time being, that person definitely can find a better solution on the problem that caused him get angry.

There are several ways you can express or control your anger, do not hit, kick or push anyone or anything. If you have physical anger that must be expelled, take up a sport such as karate or kick boxing to help release your frustrations, but do not use it against anyone. Hitting to a punching bag and hit it whenever you are feeling angry can also be a good way. Try to discuss on the point that makes you get angry and feel frustrated, it is one of the possibilities that the person you are dealing with is not able to understand what you want and he is doing something that is making you get angry. Try relaxing, when you get angry. Relaxation methods such as deep breathing may help to calm you down. When you feel yourself getting angry, stop, remove yourself from the situation and take slow deep breaths until you feel a calm returning. Counting number from 1 onwards till you do not feel calm is one of the most successful methods.Every year we read news about some frantic person shooting like a mad at his/her workplace, school or college causing several innocent people loose their lives. Lets find out some ways that can help you control your anger.

Try to do some work, such as washing pots, clothes, etc. this gives you time to think on the problem that is causing you get angry. Yoga and meditation are the best way to keep yourself calm, try yoga or meditation to help you get in touch with your feelings and release pent up feelings. Think about the problem that your anger may cause in your life, take some time and then react, most of the time angry people react quickly to a situation and that causes them loose them game. If you are arguing with someone and feel like you are getting angry, just wait for some time, do not say even a single word, think carefully, think for the best answer, and think the reason that has raised the current situation for you. Always try to find out the reason that causes you get angry, that can help you find the ultimate solution on many problems. Consult your doctor or the person who is very close to you and who can understand your problem. Try to change your environment. If not possible to change it completely, try to move out for some five to ten minutes from the place, this definitely helps you to come out of a dangerous situation.

Remember, anger can throw in more dangerous situations where you might end up doing something wrong. It is always possible to control anger. All you need is to try for it. All the best.

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