Learn Spanish in Cadiz Europes Oldest City

Many people choose to learn Spanish in Cadiz, in Spain. Cadiz lies on the Atlantic shore of Andalucia, which is called La Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light). Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe. It is located on a peninsula, which juts out into a bay.

It has bright sunny beaches with cafeterias, restaurants and bars, which offer the most delectable seafood and many opportunities for conversation. You can enjoy all this, while you learn Spanish in Cadiz. Language Immersion Courses Language immersion courses help you to learn a second language the same way as you learned your first language. You learned it by using whatever limited skills you had to communicate, instead of studying the language itself. Language immersion is considered to be the most rapid and effective method of learning a second language.

If you join a Spanish immersion course in a country where Spanish is spoken, you are immersed in Spanish even when you are not in the classroom. You can practice speaking in Spanish while you are shopping or sightseeing. Though Spanish immersion courses are available in many countries, most people prefer to learn Spanish in Spain, and in Spain, Cadiz is among the most favored of learning environments.

Spanish Language Schools in Cadiz If you want to learn Spanish in Cadiz, you can consider the Centro Internacional de Idiomas Melkart, in Cadiz. Courses are offered for proficiency, Spanish culture and society, Hispanic studies, Latin-American literature studies, business Spanish, preparation for DELE exams, etc. DELE (Diploma de Espaņol como Lengua Extranjera), or the "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma" is granted by Spain's Ministry of Education and is the most widely recognized Spanish qualification. DELE exams are organized by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, with three levels of certification.

Escuela Internacional de Espanol offers a range of Spanish courses which include a DELE preparation course, Spanish culture and society, Spanish for business and Spanish for tourism purposes. The school is located right next to the beach and it has bright air conditioned classrooms. K2 Internacional offers a wide range of affordable Spanish immersion courses for learners of all levels. Learners are required to take a written test to determine their level of proficiency, before they join.

The maximum number of participants in each group is eight. If you choose to learn Spanish in Cadiz, you will learn Spanish rapidly and be able to enjoy the best that Spain has to offer.

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Learn Spanish in Cadiz Europes Oldest City - Many people choose to learn Spanish in Cadiz, in Spain.

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