Where To Get Resume Help

Writing a resume can be a daunting experience. Sitting there with a blank piece of paper and no idea where to start is enough to frustrate even the best of us. Also, knowing the pressure you are under to write something amazing - something that will encourage recruiters to pick up the phone and call you - can cause what can only be described as "writers block". This is when it can be useful to get some resume help and so start to fire up your inspiration and enthusiasm levels. 1) Discussion Forums The first of these sources of resume help is online discussion forums. A quick search in Google will reveal dozens of forums for job searchers that you can set up an account with.

Here you can ask for help and perhaps even give a little something back to the community when your resume starts generating the sort of results you want. The problem with forums, of course, is that being free you're highly unlikely to get the best advice possible. After all, anyone with any real "secrets" and short cuts to resume success are likely to have packaged up the information and sold it rather than giving it away for free on a forum. The information you'll find on forums tends to be far more basic and well-known, but can be of some use.

So while forums are better than nothing, they're certainly not the best source of resume help in my humble opinion. 2) Books Whether these are print books from a book store or one of the assortment of online books (or ebooks) these sources of help tend to contain somewhat more "meat" than free discussion forums. Often written by professionals in the recruitment field you're more likely to get a genuine "insiders look" at writing a resume - and indeed the whole recruitment process.

One factor to be aware of here is that the "rules" tend to change quite often in terms of what recruiters expect and the techniques that work best so it's advisable to check the publication date of any book you're considering. Older books are generally better avoided (though of course there are still some gems around) while more recently published books should be sought out. Ebook of course, being digital, can be and often are updated regularly so they are always up to date.

As with any rule there are exceptions but you're generally pretty safe with an ebook. 3) Resume Writing Consultants These individuals can help to personally create your own plan of attack for job hunting. Services typically offered include editing or critiquing an existing resume of yours, resume writing services, cover letter creation and interview skills training. For the ultimate results these individuals are possibly the best solution but be sure you do your research thoroughly to select the best person for the job. In addition, of course, this is the most expensive form of resume hlp and may be out of the realms of what you are willing to pay. If this is the case, my own suggestion would be to select a few good books and then get to work!.

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