Practical Homeschooling Methods

There are various methods of teaching that are employed the world over. Usually, both private and public schools concentrate on textual content. As the guardian or parent, you have the right to choose the teaching method based on your philosophy or religious belief.

According to various studies conducted on this issue, a single method may not be applicable for all. The teaching style, belief systems, and the learning and grasping ability of the child plays a major role in their learning and development. Tutors or parents should check out the current syllabus followed in schools and other homeschooling institutions. Support groups, which have homeschoolers as members, usually provide assistance to new homeschoolers.

After you decide upon homeschooling your children, the next question that arises is what method you should choose to teach. The following are certain guidelines you can use to ensure you make the right decision. .

Read everything possible on homeschooling. It will not only give you a general idea about the present homeschooling scenario, but also inform you about the teaching methods you could opt for. . Join a support group to get a better understanding of the minute details you may have missed in your background research.

Support groups also give out study material according to the syllabus of the student. These support groups can be on the neighborhood level or state level, depending on the geographical and educational rules. Practical Homeschooling Children are by nature very curious about many things. It is their tendency to ask questions and say things out of turn. Usually, parents tend to discourage this, which stifles the childs natural curiosity and urge to learn. Although a childs questions may seem irrelevant, or make no sense, if parents continue to be discouraging, it may hamper a childs educational and intellectual growth.

Parents are sometimes overzealous about their child. They often force their children to focus on certain subjects, because those are what they consider important, or have an interest in. Parents should not forget that it is the childs education, and it is their interest that should be determined and followed up upon.

Home schooling is a broad term, and there are many techniques that fit under the term. There are many different styles of homeschooling that you can choose from. Or, you could devise your own using the broad principles of several methods. The following are some of the common methods of homeschooling: Scheduled and Structured- According to this, the parent devises a subject wise schedule, like a regular school, which is complied with through the day. Interest- This is based on the events occurring at each moment.

For example, if it is the winter, you could devise the curriculum around the season, or if a friend drops by from abroad, the days curriculum could be a geography lesson. These can be either structured or unstructured, according to your requirement. Learning- This is based on the learning style of the child. Philosophical- Implementing educational philosophies and studies to create a curriculum is the basis of this method.

Accommodating- Families with special needs use this approach. Community- Using outside groups and learning areas as teaching methods. By utilizing available resources and learning material, the tutor and student should work as a team for the latter to excel in education. This can create deep bonds, and keep the environment at a friendly and open level.

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