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'Chicken Little' for birds.

Nothing Surprising Here / Nothing Is Wrong

I tried. I mean I really tried to like Disney's newest animated venture, "Chicken Little," directed by Mark Dindal ("The Little Mermaid," "Oliver & Company"), but the humor was so forced (and lacking) that the whole enterprise smacked of pure more

Some music writers hate live albums, but not me. I think they are usually fascinating and worthwhile, as they provide an insight into an artist even if that artist stinks. But this is the least insightful live album ever. more news

More Room for Panic Here

The REAL Soldiers Lay Down Their Arms as Soon as They Can

Why is it that so many critics, movie-goers and film patrons see such bold and unique forms of film as nothing but bloody and un-needed garbage? Isn't it about time to enter the age of the modern horror film, and to realize that audiences these days have already seen it all when it comes to the horror movie,read more

Emmanuel Jal is one of the hottest rappers in Africa, and Abdel Gadir Salim is an extremely prominent singer and oud player. They are both from Sudan, Africa's largest country, but this collaboration would have been absolutely unthinkable until very recently. more news
'Jarhead'- Movie Review

Blues That Isn't Quite Blues
If you're wondering whether "Jarhead" is a message movie, you'll find your answer in a line from the film. When the Marines in his sniper unit begin discussing the reason behind America's involvement in Desert Storm, Troy (Peter Sarsgaard) says, "To hell with politics. We're here now." That sentiment sums up what "Jarhead" the movie is all about. read more Keep this name floating around in your head somewhere: Mark Lemhouse. The Oregon native went and learned the blues from some Memphis and Mississippi masters, and his 2003 debut, High Lonesome Radio, is a perfect framework of mixing rural blues with a classic feel (thanks to using old equipment and analog tape). more news
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